What to look for when purchasing office equipment.

Whether you are looking to lease, purchase or rent your office equipment, please read the following tips.

  1.  Price?  Our competitors are famous for quoting you one price to win the bid, then changing the amount on the lease document at the time of signing – CHECK all documents CAREFULLY!
  2. New or used?  Many copiers sold are not new….they may look, feel, and run like new initially, but they are used.  Check page counts/counter checks.   If you want a used copier, specify this before you receive a quote.
  3. Maintenance Agreement?  Are the service and supplies charged in the lease….. are you being billed monthly…..are you being charged per service/supply call?   Many of our competitors double, even triple bill for the service and supplies.
  4. Toner?  Is the toner OEM (original equipment by manufacturer) or remanufactured?  The toner you receive should be OEM so your copier can run cleaner, smoother and longer.  Don’t accept remanufactured from your dealer .
  5.  Monthly check up?  You want your copier operating when you need it the most.  We will monitor the print quality, supplies and your satisfaction every month.
  6.  Avoid auto renew!  Cancel your current lease agreement (after completion) in writing.
  7. Verify that the copier quote specifies exactly what equipment and accessories you require.   i.e., Fax, Network printing, Scanning, Finishing unit, etc.   Some quotes will price out the basic copier and include the accessories in another area of the quote or contract.
  8. Verify that all services are included in the quote.  This should include shipping, handling, set up, networking, training, start up supplies.